The Ultimate Event Planning Details: Communication

Today we are continuing our Ultimate Event Planning series. If you haven't had a chance to check out our entire Ultimate Event Planning Handbook you can see it HERE!

Communication is incredibly important to the success of your event. So much so that it really takes precedence over just about everything else. Without it you won’t be able to successfully create and maintain a budget, provide a great run of show and wireless internet can’t save you if you don’t have good communication.

We can’t stress this enough, but today we aren’t teaching an “intro to communication” class. Instead we’re focusing on a few techniques and tools you can use to help create and maintain good communication with your team, speakers and attendees. Below are a few tricks and tools to help everyone stay on the same page:

  • Assign roles to your team: Assigning specific roles to team members can help minimize confusion and also help with task delegation. Making sure you have a team-lead, technical lead and speaker contact are just a few ways to delegate and encourage good communication.

  • Take advantage of free tools: Your team may be in the same office or you may be scattered all over the place. Either way you should take advantage of some great online tools to keep everyone in the loop. We love using Trello and Slack here at 2Shoes as a way to keep communication clear, relevant and regular as we work on upcoming projects.

  • Start communicating early: This goes for both your team and your attendees. Make sure you open up a dialogue between you and your attendees early and keep them up-to-date and engaged before the event starts through social media.

These are just a few ways you can encourage good communication before, during and after your event. Organizing and executing a successful event is no small feat but with a great team and good communication you’ll stand a much better shot and putting on that dream event!