The Ultimate Event Planning Details: Wireless Internet

“The devil is in the details” is a quote we’ve all heard at some point in our lives. And the reason is….it’s often times true! We love talking about participation and attendee engagement at 2Shoes but also recognize the importance of those less “sexy” topics. For the next several weeks we’ll be focusing on the nitty gritty of making your event a success.

This week’s “detail” is wireless internet. As a virtual team that often works in coffee shops, airports, or anywhere else we can get a signal, we know that all wifi signals are not created equal. With more information and attendee participation moving to platforms that require wireless internet it’s critical that your venue has a strong wireless signal that’s powerful enough to support your group of attendees. Below are a few key reasons to spend the extra money on the top level wifi your venue offers:

  • Poor cell service: First and foremost, many large conference venues don’t have good cellular service once inside. The labyrinth of hallways and conference rooms often leads attendees further away from good cell service and the ability to access the web, one bar at a time. Don’t count on everyone being able to access important information on the web using just their cellular data. With so many different providers it’s almost guaranteed someone will be left out.

  • Communicating with your attendees: Making big public announcements before key presentations is one way to get the word out about big changes to the agenda or upcoming talks. But it’s rare that you’ll have everyone in the same room more than once or twice a day. Being able to update your agenda, send email blasts or use social media to communicate these changes quickly and easily to all of your attendees is a great way to keep everyone on the same page.

  • Social Media and Conference Promotion: Ahhh, social media. It’s a powerful tool and used for so many different things these days. As mentioned above it’s a great way to communicate important updates to your attendees but it also allows your sponsors to communicate with your attendees. And let’s not forget the incredible word-of-mouth marketing that you stand to gain from using key hashtags during your event. Don’t miss out on the many opportunities social media has to offer because your event’s wifi is too slow to accommodate it!

In this day and age, having fast and reliable wifi is something we have all come to expect. In fact, if you’re like most people, you’re shocked and often frustrated when you don’t have access to it. Spending the extra money to ensure your attendees have access to all the web has to offer is just as important as those mixers, t-shirts, and goodie bags we all love focusing on!