Why we do what we do

2Shoes was inducted into the this year’s Thryve business accelerator last week and we’ve already been diving into classes that are helping us learn how to successfully scale our business. During the first class, we discussed the ‘Why’ behind our business. This thought project was done right after we gave our ‘elevator pitch’- something that is usually filled with jargon and key phrases. Our teachers made the point that the Why behind what you do is what inspires others to follow or use your product and service. In lieu of this lesson, here is a little bit behind the Why of what we do at 2Shoes.

We believe that all attendees should be able to easily engage with presenters, no matter how comfortable or uncomfortable they are with doing so. This came about from two events: Elliot and I had a teacher in college that made it uncomfortable for all of his students to speak up in class and I had a 700 person class where they passed around a single microphone to ask question. Both seemed ridiculous and we never wanted any student or attendee to feel the same way we felt in those situations.

This frustration led to the idea that eventually became 2Shoes. Nearly 2 years later, we are still as focused as ever on making interaction between presenters and attendees as easy and comfortable as possible. We’re not exactly sure what the future holds for our product and company but we are certain that, whatever it is, we want to stay true to our initial goal and make presentations around the world easier and more connected.

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