Time and Money

Save time, money and Go Green at your events by joining the 21st century.
You’d be shocked to hear how many people we talk to each week that are spending a fortune printing a 10 page agenda for 2000 attendees or having 2 staff members compile evaluation data for weeks after an event, because it’s still in paper format. We know there’s a better solution, that can help attendees and organizers alike, and here’s how to accomplish it using 2Shoes App:

1. For your documents: Some attendees like a printed syllabus, but most will just throw this away after the event is over. Use our document attachment function to attach event level documents, and give presenters the ability to attach their slide decks whenever they want to. Attendees can view just the documents they are interested in and download them to any device they wish. This will also save you time by not having to upload presenter documents at the last minute because your presenters can do that themselves. You can also have a few printed documents ready for attendees that prefer that format.

2. For your surveys: We’ve heard from a lot of our users that, in the past, they have printed surveys, had attendees answer them, and then spend weeks compiling the data manually. This is a waste in many ways: money and time spent on printing and also time spent compiling the data. Use our survey function to easily make, share and automatically compile data from your attendees. This can be used for simple event feedback to continuing education evaluations.

We love helping our users make their events more engaging and interactive. More so, we want to save them time and money in the process of doing so. Make sure to check out 2Shoes to learn how you can make this happen for your events and we’d be happy to get on a call with you to discuss how you can make this dream a reality.

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