5 reasons to host your next event in Tucson

As a disclaimer, our 2Shoes Team is pretty biased about Tucson, having 2 members here and 3 of us graduated from the UofA. Having said that, it’s truly an awesome place so hear us out! If you are organizing an event in the near future, we think you should consider Tucson as a possible location. Here are just a of the great reasons why Tucson would be a fantastic host city for your next conference:

1. Tucson is cheap. We have some of the lowest cost of living within the nation. If you are finding it difficult to afford meeting spaces in some cities, our prices for venues and everything else will blow those out of the water!

2.The weather is amazing. Hate humidity? We don’t have it. Find natural disasters lame? We are one of the few places in the US that don’t have those either. Just nearly 365 days of sunshine and perfect temperatures during the winter.

3. Casual lifestyle. This is one of my favorite things- people don’t feel the need to ‘suit up’ for business and you can easily show up to a nice restaurant in shorts and a t-shirt and not feel bad about it. We have a bustling downtown area but the rest of the city enjoys a laid back, ‘Old Pueblo’, feel.

4. Tucson is getting hipper. You heard that right, folks. Tucson is becoming a very hip city. Each day I feel like I see a new micro craft brewery or fair trade coffee shop with awesome lighting and exposed brick walls. Top restaurants are moving into the hip parts of downtown and we even have a light-rail that links the best parts of the city together!

5. Great access. Tucson is at the foot of Mount Lemmon- a 9000+ foot mountain where you can ski in the winter, or get out of the heat during the summer. You can be in Mexico in 45 minutes, be at a beach in 3.5 hours and access pretty much all of the Southwest in a day of driving. For how cheap Tucson is, you get to live is some of the most beautiful country in the nation.

If my top 5 reasons why Tucson is a great place to host your next event convinced you, please contact our friends at Visit Tucson for more information on how to take full advantage of what our city has to offer!
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