What Should Correct Response Times Be?

Hi everyone, this is Danny Kirk from 2Shoes and today I'm going to talk about response times. Have you ever received an automated message like this; "Thanks for contacting us, we will respond to your issue in the next 48 hours". Now, if you're like me this is a shocking message to receive. After all, you're paying for the service and you have an urgent issue, and in 48 hours it is not going to matter that they are responding because stuff's hitting the fan right now. This brings me to a very easy way for your organization to rise above your competitors. This is to provide blazingly fast response times. Here at 2Shoes we provide responses usually in less than 15 minutes and hear constant praises from our customers. It's not just an issue of solving problems as much as feeling like your dealing with a real human that makes people like you and your company. So next time you get an email from someone asking a question, and you’re thinking of putting it off send them a quick response and blow their mind. As always, feel free to contact us with any questions of comments. Thank You!