What to ask your attendees...and when

We all know that, as an event planner, feedback from everyone is an important task when you want to make next year’s event a bigger success. Asking the right questions at the right time is key in getting the most out of attendee feedback. If you use the feedback to your advantage, you will have happy repeat attendees who feel like they play a role in the success of your event.

You can ask different types of questions to learn different things from your attendees. The best ones are open ended so you can get real statements. However, we are also fans of learning the demographic of your audience by asking where they are from, their industry, and what news publications they tune in to. This information could help you know where to advertise or who to partner with in the future.

Below are suggestions on what questions to ask your attendees before, during and after your event.


What they expect at the event.
What topics they would like covered in the presentations.
Any food allergies or preferences.


How is the temperature in the presentation rooms.
How did they like the presenters today?


Would they recommend this event to others.
What would they like to see changed or added to next year’s event.
What were their favorite presenters or presentations.

Make sure you use an easy survey tool, like 2Shoes', to gather this feedback so you don’t have to print documents or spend time compiling answers. Check out more of 2Shoes App’s awesome blogs here!