Why do people attend conferences?

Do you ever wonder why people attend conferences? Wondering this can help direct the focus of your conference to be mutually beneficial for both the host and the attendees. There are many benefits to conference attendance such as networking, continued professional education, learning new techniques, training, regain focus, and collaboration.


-Many employers require conference attendance to ensure their employee's meet continuing education standards.

-Attendees can share the new information they learned from the conference with their co-workers to enhance the workplace.

-Continuing education through conference attendance can help attendees stay up to date on new technologies and ideas.

-Conferences provide important networking opportunities for new and established professionals.


-Motivational conferences can inspire employees to remember why they chose their profession and regain their focus for high-quality work.

-Speaking at a conference allows new researchers to expose their work to a wider audience.

-Collaboration with fellow attendees allows for the development of new ideas in the field(s) of interest.

While there are a variety of reasons for one to attend a conference, focusing on these main points can be beneficial for both the hosts and the attendees.

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(This blog was written by Ayana Blackey, Krissy Kelly, Kasondra Alfano, and Jackie Torres, from The University of Arizona)