Why Great Service Matters

Our team at 2Shoes is wholeheartedly focused on providing the best service in the industry to our users and customers. This is a bold statement and goal but our crew believes that we live in an era that has become cold; lacking human interaction. We know that this is difficult when virtually selling a piece of software, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. During our demo calls, I’ve told these stories many times before: how our team has carried boxes, stuffed bags, proof-read documents, given advice, made sessions, uploaded slide decks, all for our awesome users, even though we are under no contractual obligation to do so. The reason is twofold. First, we absolutely love our customers and ANYTHING we can do to help make their event better, we will. And second, we know that by doing the first thing we will gain the trust and love of everyone that uses us and that is the best marketing money could buy.

Our competitive advantage is not just being the easiest and most efficient way to ask questions during your Q&A, we also stand out by providing the best service. The last piece is an often forgotten aspect, that can be used to pull ahead, in this competitive market. There are tons of amazing apps that have stunning design and functionality. However, if something goes wrong, good luck getting a quick email response or actually reaching a person on the phone. At 2Shoes, we are proud to say that we respond to emails in minutes and can be reached by phone just as easily. Our team is always ready to provide great support if something goes wrong or you just need advice about how to make your event better.

When considering starting a company or buying software, think about the service. Do you really want to trade great functionality for zero support? We’re willing to bet that the answer is no and that is one of the many motivations that drive us to be the best event app in the industry.