Why using a microphone is killing your Q&A

We’ve all been in this situation before: you just sat through a presentation and now the presenter has asked for questions. *crickets* The audience shifts in their seats awkwardly as everyone waits for the first person to get up and ask a question. The event organizer is sadly optimistic as they have placed a single microphone in the aisle for questions to be asked through. Unfortunately, they have made a poor choice for the format of their Q&A and here’s why:

You see, question asking is a game and humans are competitive. Offering a format where a single person can dominate the Q&A will make for frustrated attendees. These ‘mic hogs’ will end up grabbing the microphone, telling their life’s story and may never end up asking a question. You may have a line for the microphone but what’s the point; only one person has had the chance to ask a question and time is now up and you need to stay on schedule. On the other side of this, engaging shy attendees offers similar obstacles. These individuals don’t want to have to jostle in line for the mic or verbally voice their opinion in front of all the attendees. To make things worse, the ‘mic hogs’ won’t give these shy attendees a chance.

Using a microphone for Q&A will only have one outcome- very few questions asked, frustrated attendees and running behind on schedule. Take our advice- try 2Shoes and solve all of these problems in one simple and swift move. Your attendees and presenters will both be ecstatic and you will easily increase engagement at your future events. Contact our team today for a free demo and to learn more about what 2Shoes can do for your next event.